sylpheed man page

sylpheed ā€” a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast email client


sylpheed [options]...


sylpheed is an X based fast email client.


--compose [ADDRESS]

Open the composition window.

--attach [FILE [FILE]...]

Open the composition window with FILE attached.


Receive the new messages from the server.


Receive the new messages of all accounts from the servers.


Send all queued messages.

--status [FOLDER]

Show the total number of the message.

--status-full [FOLDER]

Show the status of each folder


Enter the debug mode.


Show this message.


Show the version.

See Also

more documentations are available on /usr/share/sylpheed/manual/ and /usr/share/sylpheed/faq/.


This manual page was written by Akira TAGOH <>.


Nov 22 2004