sxmv man page

sxmv — move files between SX volumes and clusters


sxmv [Options]... SOURCE... DEST


sxmv can move files and entire directories within a single volume or between volumes and different Skylable SX clusters.


-h, --help
Print help and exit
Print help, including hidden options, and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-r, --recursive
Recursively move files from SOURCE to DEST directory
When this option is enabled, sxmv will wait for the cluster to replicate the data across nodes, and report a problem if full replication cannot be achieved.
-D, --debug
Enable debug messages
-c, --config-dir=PATH
Path to the SX configuration directory (default: ~/.sx)
-f, --filter-dir=PATH
Path to the SX filter directory (default: /usr/lib/sxclient)


To rename the file 'foo' to 'bar' run:
sxmv sx://cluster/vol/foo sx://cluster/vol/bar

To move directory 'movies' from the volume 'data' to 'oldstuff' run:
sxmv -r sx://cluster/data/movies/ sx://cluster/oldstuff/movies/

See Also

sxcp(1), sxls(1), sxcat(1), sxrm(1), sxrev(1), sxinit(1)

Referenced By

sxcat(1), sxfs(1), sxinit(1), sxls(1), sxrm(1), sxvol(1).

October 2014 sxmv 2.3 Skylable SX Manual