switcherooctl - Man Page

Launch a command on a specific GPU


switcherooctl help [COMMAND]

switcherooctl version

switcherooctl list

switcherooctl launch [OPTION] COMMAND...


switcherooctl is a utility to launch a specific command on a specific GPU.


help [COMMAND]

Displays a short synopsis of the available commands or provides detailed help on a specific command.


Prints the switcheroo-control version to which switcherooctl belongs.


List the known GPUs. The device number can be used to specify the GPU to launch on for the launch command. This is the default command if no commands are passed to switcherooctl.

launch [OPTION] COMMAND...

Launch COMMAND on a specific GPU. If no GPU are specified the first discrete (non-default) GPU is used, or the default GPU if there's no discrete GPU.


-g --gpu=GPU

The GPU to launch on. The GPU identifier can be gathered using the list command.

Exit Status

On success 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.