swipl-rc man page

swipl-rc — SWI-Prolog resource archiver


swipl-rc command resource-file member ...


The utility swipl-rc allows for examining and modifying the SWI-Prolog resource data associated with a SWI-Prolog save-state or runtime executable as created using SWI-Prolog's predicate qsave_program/[1,2].


l archive [member ...]

List the contents of the resource archive.  If no members are specified, the entire content is listed.

x archive [member ...]

Extract members from the archive into the current directory. If no members are specified, the entire content is extracted.  Each member is extracted into a file with the same name as the archive member.

a archive [member ...]

Add files to the archive.  If the archive already contains a member with the same name, the contents is replaced.  Anywhere in the sequence of members, the options --class=class and --encoding=encoding may appear.  They affect the class and encoding of subsequent files. The initial class is data and encoding none.

d archive member ...

Delete members from the archive.


None sofar.

See Also

pl(1) plld(1) SWI-Prolog Reference Manual http://www.swi-prolog.org


Jan Wielemaker

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Feb 8, 2006