swfbbox man page

swfbbox — Tool for playing around with SWF bounding boxes.


swfbbox [-OS] file.swf


This tool can, among others, recalculate some bounding boxes of SWFs in order to speed them up or make them smaller.

It can also dump the corners of the bounding boxes of all frames of a movie.


-h, --help
Print help and exit
-b, --bbox
Show movie bounding box (default)
-B, --newbbox
Show recalculated (optimized/expanded) bounding box
-e, --expand
Write out a new file using the recalculated header bounding box
-O, --optimize
Recalculate all object bounding boxes (except for the header)
-S, --swifty
Print out transformed bounding boxes
-c, --clip
Clip bounding boxes to movie size
-o, --output filename
Set output filename to filename (for -O)
-v, --verbose
Be more verbose
-V, --version
Print program version and exit


Matthias Kramm <kramm@quiss.org>


February 2012 swfbbox swftools