svn-mailer man page

svn-mailer — A feature rich subversion commit notification tool


svn-mailer --commit -d repos -r rev [-f config]

svn-mailer --propchange -d repos -r rev -a author -n propname
   [-o action] [-f config]

svn-mailer --lock -d repos -a author [-f config]

svn-mailer --unlock -d repos -a author [-f config]


The svnmailer package is a tool to post notifications of subversion events to various targets in different ways.  Currently implemented: Mail via SMTP or a sendmail pipe, news via NNTP, XML via XMLRPC to a CIA tracker (see for details).

The svn-mailer command line script is typically invoked via subversion's hook mechanism, but you can run it manually as well.  This is useful to resend missing messages or for debugging purposes.  Remember to start it under the correct user/group id.  Otherwise it may have problems to open the repository or the config file.

The svnmailer can be used in most cases as a drop-in replacement for distributed with subversion.  There are some subtle differences which are dedicated to more behavior consistency.  (Hopefully) all of them are stated in the HTML documentation.

General Options


show program's version number and exit

-h, --help

show a help message and exit

Common Parameters


Run in debug mode (means basically that all messages are sent to STDOUT)


The repository directory

-fCONFIG, --config=CONFIG

The configuration file


Specifies the character encoding to be used for filenames. By default the encoding is tried to be determined automatically depending on the locale.

Behavior Options

The behavior options are mutually exclusive, i.e. the last one wins.

-c, --commit

This is a regular commit of versioned data (post-commit hook). This is default.

-p, --propchange

This is a modification of unversioned properties (post-revprop-change hook)

-l, --lock

(svn 1.2 and later) This is a locking call (post-lock hook). The locked file names are read from STDIN.

-u, --unlock

(svn 1.2 and later) This is a unlocking call (post-unlock hook). The unlocked file names are read from STDIN.

Supplemental Parameters


The modified/committed revision number

-aAUTHOR, --author=AUTHOR

The author of the modification


The name of the modified property

-oACTION, --action=ACTION

(svn 1.2 and later) The property change action. If specified, the old property value is read from STDIN.

Configuration Files

If the configuration file is not specified on the command line it is searched at default locations. The first one found is loaded. The locations are, in order: svnmailer.conf in the conf/ directory of the given repository, svnmailer.conf in the script directory itself, /etc/svnmailer.conf.

Old Style Command Line

Alternatively you can use the old style compatibility command lines (options described above don't apply then):

svn-mailer commit repos rev [config]

svn-mailer propchange repos rev author propname [config]

With svn 1.2 and later:
svn-mailer propchange2 repos rev author propname action [config]

svn-mailer lock repos author [config]

svn-mailer unlock repos author [config]

Reporting Bugs

If you've found a bug or have an idea how to improve the svnmailer, please send a mail to <>.

Author Information

André "nd" Malo <>, GPG: 0x8103A37E

See Also

The full documentation of the svnmailer package is maintained in HTML form. You may find it in the /usr/share/docs/svnmailer/ directory at your site or online at <>.

For detailed information about subversion, consult the subversion book at <>.


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