surl man page

surl — a URL shortening application, supports various sites


surl [OPTION]

Modes: stdin or -f (default: stdin)


surl is a command line application that can transform links and shorten them.

The idea is to input a huge amount of text and/or links.

The input can be in two modes:


-h, --help

This help message

-v, --version

Prints version info

-c,--url <url>

URL to shorten

-a,--api-key <key>

Use an API key

-f,--file <filename>

Read input from filename

-i, --in-place

Save changes to file directly (Requires: -f)

-l, --links-only

Output only a list of links (old_url => shortened_url)

-o,--output <filename>

Output to file

-p,--password <password>

Your password

-q, --quiet

Suppress any extra messages

-t,--title <title>

Title (short custom name/alias) for the url

-u,--username <username>

Your username

-s,--service <service>

The URL shortening service to use (Default:

-r,--script <path>

The surlscript to execute

Supported Services

surl supports a vast range of url shortening services.

You can view the full list by typing: surl --help



Should you find any bugs, report them at:


Savvas Radevic <>, Ahmed El-Mahdawy <>


2011-01-06 0.7 text processing