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suricatactl-filestore - Man Page

Perform actions on filestore


suricatactl filestore [-h] <command> [<args>]


This command lets you perform certain operations on Suricata filestore.


Get help about the available commands.


prune [-h|--help] [-n|--dry-run] [-v|verbose] [-q|--quiet] -d <DIRECTORY> --age <AGE>

Prune files older than a given age.

-d <DIRECTORY> | --directory <DIRECTORY> is a required argument which tells that user must provide the suricata filestore directory on which all the specified operations are to be performed.

--age <AGE> is a required argument asking the age of the files. Files older than the age mentioned with this option shall be pruned.

-h | --help is an optional argument with which you can ask for help about the command usage.

-n | --dry-run is an optional argument which makes the utility print only what would happen

-v | --verbose is an optional argument to increase the verbosity of command.

-q | --quiet is an optional argument that helps log errors and warnings only and keep silent about everything else.


Please visit Suricata's support page for information about submitting bugs or feature requests.


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2024-06-26 7.0.6 Suricata