supybot-wizard - Man Page

A wizard for creating Supybot configuration files


supybot-wizard [options]


supybot-wizard is an in-depth wizard that provides a nice user interface for creating configuration files for supybot(1).



Show version of program.

-h,  --help

Show summary of options.


Determines whether the wizard will be allowed to run as root.  You do not want this.  Do not do it.  Even if you think you want it, you do not.


Determines whether the wizard will be allowed to run without a network connection.

See Also

python(1), supybot(1), supybot-test(1), supybot-botchk(1), supybot-adduser(1), supybot-plugin-doc(1), supybot-plugin-create(1)


This manual page was originally written by James McCoy <vega dot james at gmail dot com>.  Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Supybot license, a BSD-style license.

Referenced By

supybot(1), supybot-adduser(1), supybot-botchk(1), supybot-plugin-create(1), supybot-plugin-doc(1), supybot-test(1).