superkb - Man Page

Graphical keyboard launcher with on-screen hints


superkb [options]


Superkb is a keyboard-based application launcher based on a hotkey (the Super key by default) that allows for on-screen keyboard hints to be displayed if it is held long enough without calling any bound action. The hints will be shown in the form of icons in a keyboard.

System-wide configuration for Superkb is read from /etc/superkbrc. It can be extended with user-specific changes read from $HOME/.superkbrc.



Quit when Superkb is ready (for timing and debugging).

-d level

Show debug messages up to the specified verbosity level.


Shows this help.


Shows program version.

More Information

The website for Superkb is located at and there is a documentation Wiki at


You should find sample files under /usr/share/doc/superkb/sample-config. Detailed description of the directives can be found online at the Wiki (see below).

Reporting Bugs

Bug tracker for Superkb is located at


January 2021 superkb 0.23