sup-sync-back-maildir - Man Page

Export Xapian entries to Maildir sources on disk


sup-sync-back-maildir [options] [source uri...]


This script parses the Xapian entries for a given Maildir source and renames (changes maildir flags) e-mail files on disk according to the labels stored in the index. It will export all the changes you made in Sup to your Maildirs so that they can be propagated to your IMAP server with e.g. offlineimap.

The script also merges some Maildir flags into Sup such as R (replied) and P (passed, forwarded), for instance suppose you have an e-mail file like this: foo_bar:2,FRS (flags are favorite, replied, seen) and its Xapian entry has labels `starred', the merge operation will add the `replied' label to the Xapian entry.

If you choose not to merge (-m) you will lose information (`replied'), and in the previous example the file will be renamed to foo_bar:2,FS.

Running this script is strongly recommended when setting the “sync_back_to_maildir” option from false to true in config.yaml or changing the “sync_back” flag to true for a source in sources.yaml.

If no source is given, the default behavior is to sync back all Maildir sources marked as usual and that have not disabled sync back using the configuration parameter sync_back = false in sources.yaml.


-n,  --no-confirm

Don’t ask for confirmation before synchronizing

-m,  --no-merge

Don’t merge new supported Maildir flags (R and P)

-l,  --list-sources

List your Maildir sources and exit

-u,  --unusual-sources-too

Sync unusual sources too if no specific source information is given


Print version and exit

-h,  --help

Show brief help message



Configuration file for Sup mail sources

See Also

sup(1), sup-add(1), sup-config(1), sup-dump(1), sup-sync(1), sup-tweak-labels(1)

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Sup was originally written by William Morgan <> and is now developed and maintained by the Sup developers.

Referenced By

sup(1), sup-sync(1).

August 25, 2014 Sup User Manual