sup-sync - Man Page

sychronize the Sup index with message sources


sup-sync [options] source ...


Synchronizes the Sup index with one or more message sources by adding messages, deleting messages, or changing message state in the index as appropriate.

“Message state” means read/unread, archived/inbox, starred/unstarred, and all user-defined labels on each message.

“Default source state” refers to any state that a source itself has keeps about a message. Sup-sync uses this information when adding a new message to the index. The source state is typically limited to read/unread, archived/inbox status and a single label based on the source name. Messages using the default source state are placed in the inbox (i.e. not archived) and unstarred.

If no sources are given, sync from all usual sources. Supported source URI schemes can be seen by running “sup-add --help”.

Message State Options


If the message is already in the index, preserve its state. Otherwise, use default source state (default)

--restore dumpfile

Restore message state from a dump file created with sup-dump. If a message is not in this dumpfile, act as --asis


Discard any message state in the index and use the default source state. Dangerous!

-x, -

When using the default source state, mark messages as archived.

-r,  --read

When using the default source state, mark messages as read.

--extra-labels STRING

When using the default source state, also apply these user-defined labels (a comma-separated list) (default)

Other Options

-v,  --verbose

Print message ids as they’re processed.

-o,  --optimize

As the final operation, optimize the index.


Scan over all sources.

-n,  --dry-run

Don’t actually modify the index. Probably only useful with --verbose.


Show version information

-h,  --help

Show help message



Configuration file for Sup mail sources

See Also

sup(1), sup-add(1), sup-config(1), sup-dump(1), sup-sync-back-maildir(1), sup-tweak-labels(1)

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You are welcome to submit bug reports to the Sup issue tracker, located at


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Sup was originally written by William Morgan <> and is now developed and maintained by the Sup developers.

Referenced By

sup(1), sup-dump(1), sup-import-dump(1), sup-sync-back-maildir(1).

April 9, 2012 Sup User Manual