sup-config - Man Page

interactive configuration tool for Sup


sup-config [options]


Interactive configuration tool for Sup. Won’t destroy existing configuration.


-v,  --version

Print versian and exit

-h,  --help

Show help message



Configuration file for Sup


Configuration file for Sup mail sources

See Also

sup(1), sup-add(1)

Reporting Bugs

You are welcome to submit bug reports to the Sup issue tracker, located at


Contact Information

The Sup web page:


Code repository:


Sup Wiki:


Sup IRC channel:

#sup @

Mailing list:

Archives: <>


Sup was originally written by William Morgan <> and is now developed and maintained by the Sup developers.

Referenced By

sup(1), sup-add(1), sup-psych-ify-config-files(1), sup-recover-sources(1), sup-sync(1), sup-sync-back-maildir(1).

April 9, 2012 Sup User Manual