sup - Man Page

a curses-based email client


sup [options]


Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email.

It presents an interface of a list of threads, which are each hierarchical collections email messages. Threads can have multiple tags applied to them. It supports a very fast full-text search, automatic contact-list management, custom code insertion via a Ruby hook system, and more. If you’re the type of person who treats email as an extension of your long-term memory, Sup is for you.


-l,  --list-hooks

List all hooks and descriptions, and quit. Use –hooks-matching to filter

-m,  --hooks-matching=<s>

If given, list all hooks and descriptions matching the given pattern. Needs the –list-hooks option (default: )

-n,  --no-threads

Turn off threading. Helps with debugging. (Necessarily disables background polling for new messages.)

-o,  --no-initial-poll

Don’t poll for new messages when starting.

-s QUERY, --search QUERY

Search for this query upon startup

-c STRING, --compose STRING

Compose message to this recipient upon startup

-j STRING, --subject STRING

When composing, use this subject

-v,  --version

Print version and exit

-h,  --help

Show brief help message



Set log level verbosity. Valid values ordered by decresing verbosity: debug info warn error. Default log level is info.


Specify home directory for configuration files and xapian index, defaults to: $HOME/.sup.



Configuration file for Sup


Configuration file for Sup mail sources


Color theme for Sup

See Also

mail(1), sup-add(1), sup-config(1), sup-dump(1), sup-import-dump(1), sup-recover-sources(1), sup-sync(1), sup-sync-back-maildir(1), sup-tweak-labels(1)

Reporting Bugs

You are welcome to submit bug reports to the Sup issue tracker, located at


Contact Information

The Sup web page:


Code repository:


Sup Wiki:


Sup IRC channel:

#sup @

Mailing list:

Archives: <>


Sup was originally written by William Morgan <> and is now developed and maintained by the Sup developers.

Referenced By

sup-add(1), sup-config(1), sup-dump(1), sup-import-dump(1), sup-psych-ify-config-files(1), sup-recover-sources(1), sup-sync(1), sup-sync-back-maildir(1), sup-tweak-labels(1).

April 8, 2014 Sup User Manual