subptools - Man Page

manipulates xml subtitles files


subptools [-hrsvw] [-a hh:mm:ss,ms] [-c first[,last]] [-d seconds] [-e seconds] [-i file] [-o file] [-t format]


The subptools command performs various manipulations on xml subtitles files, acting as a filter from standard input to standard output unless -i or -o options are used.

subtools can be used to handle so-called xml subtitles files, where each subtitle entry is actually a filename to be substituted for the entry, or to adjust timestamps on each subtitle entry.

The options are as follows:

-a,  --adjust hh:mm:ss,ms

Adjust all time stamps so that the first tag begins at hh:mm:ss,ms.

-c,  --cut first[,last]

Write only entries numbered from first to last, where last defaults to the last entry of the file.

-d,  --shift seconds

Shift all time stamps by seconds seconds.

-e,  --expand seconds

Expand the subtitle hour by seconds seconds.

-c,  --convert format

Convert the xml subtitles file into a srt (default) or spumux file.

-h,  --help

Display usage and quit.

-i,  --input filename

Use file filename for input, defaults to stdin.

-o,  --output filename

Use file filename for output, defaults to stdout.

-r,  --renumber

Renumber all entries.

-s,  --subst

Substitute filename in each subtitle entry by the file contents.

-v,  --verbose

Verbose mode.

-w,  --strip

Remove leading white space

See Also

subp2pgm(1) spumux(1)


Manual page by Marc Espie, Olivier Rolland

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January 20, 2007 Linux User Manuals