subdownloader man page

subdownloader — the subtitle downloader


subdownloader [-h] [--help] [-g] [--gui] [-c] [--cli] [-d] [--debug] [-q] [--quiet] [-T] [--test] [-H] [--human] [-n] [--nerd] [-D] [--download] [-U] [--upload] [-L] [--list] [-V < path >] [--video=< path >] [-l < language >] [--lang=< language >] [-i] [--interactive] [--sol] [--los] [-u < username >] [--user=< username >] [-p < password >] [--passwd=< password >] [-s < address >] [--server=< address >] [-P < address >] [--proxy=< address >] [--version]


SubDownloader is a Free Open Source tool written in Python for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,etc) and DVD's using fast hashing.


-h --help
Show SubDownloader command-line options.
-g, --gui
Run application in GUI mode. This is the default.
-c, --cli
Run application in CLI mode.
-d, --debug
Print debug messages to stout and logfile.
-q, --quiet
Don't print status messages to stdout.
-T, --test
Used by developers for testing.
-H, --human
Print human readable messages. Default for CLI mode.
-n, --nerd
Print messages with more details.
-D, --download
Download a subtitle. Default for CLI mode.
-U, --upload
Upload a subtitle.
-L, --list
List available subtitles without downloading.
-V path , --video= path
Full path to your video(s). Don't use '~'.
-l language , --lang= language
Used in subtitle download and upload preferences.
-i, --interactive
Prompt user when decisions need to be done.
Rename subtitles to match movie file name
Keep original subtitle names
´Server Over Local´ overwrites local subtitle with one from server. This is in cases when local subtitle isn't found on server, but server has subtitles for the movie.
´Local Over Server´ keeps local subtitles, even if another is found on server. This is the default.
-u username , --user= username username. Must be set in upload mode. Default is blank (anonymous).
-p password , --passwd= password password. Must be set in upload mode. Default is blank (anonymous).
-s address , --server= address
Server address of Opensubtitles API.
-P address , --proxy= proxy
Proxy to use on internet connections.
Show program's version number and exit.

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