stubgen man page

mypy — manual page for mypy stubgen 0.4.6-dev


usage: stubgen [--py2] [--no-import] [--doc-dir PATH]

[--search-path PATH] [-p PATH] MODULE ...

Generate draft stubs for modules.

Stubs are generated in directory ./out, to avoid overriding files with manual changes.  This directory is assumed to exist.



run in Python 2 mode (default: Python 3 mode)


traverse listed modules to generate inner package modules as well


enable experimental fast parser

ignore errors when trying to generate stubs for modules

don't import the modules, just parse and analyze them (doesn't work with C extension modules and doesn't respect __all__)

--doc-dir PATH

use .rst documentation in PATH (this may result in better stubs in some cases; consider setting this to DIR/Python-X.Y.Z/Doc/library)

--search-path PATH
specify module search directories, separated by ':' (currently only used if --no-import is given)

use Python interpreter at PATH (only works for Python 2 right now)

-h, --help

print this help message and exit


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