strongswan_pki---verify man page

pki --verify — Verify a certificate using a CA certificate


pki --verify
pki --verify --options file
pki --verify -h | --help


This sub-command of pki(1) verifies a certificate using an optional CA certificate.


-h, --help
Print usage information with a summary of the available options.
-v, --debug level
Set debug level, default: 1.
-+, --options file
Read command line options from file.
-i, --in file
X.509 certificate to verify. If not given it is read from STDIN.
-c, --cacert file
CA certificate to use for trustchain verification. If not given the certificate is assumed to be self-signed.
-o, --online
Enable online CRL/OCSP revocation checking.

Exit Status

The exit status is 0 if the certificate was verified successfully, 1 if the certificate is untrusted, 2 if the certificate's lifetimes are invalid, and 3 if the certificate was verified successfully but the online revocation check indicated that it has been revoked.

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2013-07-31 5.5.0 strongSwan