strongswan_pki---dn - Man Page

Extract the subject DN of an X.509 certificate


pki --dn[--in file] [--format format] [--debug level]
pki --dn--options file
pki --dn-h | --help


This sub-command of pki(1) extracts the ASN.1-encoded subject DistinguishedName (DN) of an X.509 certificate and exports it in different formats.  This may be useful when strongSwan's identity parser is unable to produce the correct binary encoding from a string.


-h,  --help

Print usage information with a summary of the available options.

-v,  --debug level

Set debug level, default: 1.

-+,  --options file

Read command line options from file.

-i,  --in file

Input file. If not given the input is read from STDIN.

-t,  --format format

Output format. One of config (strongSwan configuration compatible), hex (hexadecimal encoding, no prefix), base64 (Base64 encoding, no prefix), bin (raw binary data), defaults to config.

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