stg-spill - Man Page

Spill changes from the topmost patch


stg spill [OPTIONS] [path]...


Spill changes from the topmost patch. Changes are removed from the patch, but remain in the index and worktree.

Spilling a patch may be useful for reselecting the files/hunks to be included in the patch.


-a <note>, --annotate=<note>

Annotate the patch log entry with note

-r,  --reset

Also reset the index such that the patch’s changes only remain in the worktree. Without this option, the patch’s changes will be in both the index and worktree.


Instead of using the current time as the committer date, use the author date of the commit as the committer date.


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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04/09/2024 StGit 2.4.6 StGit Manual