stg-series - Man Page

Display the patch series


stg series [OPTIONS] [-A] [-U] [-H]
stg series [OPTIONS] --all
stg series [OPTIONS] --short
stg series [OPTIONS] [patch]...


Show all the patches in the series, or just those in the given range, ordered from bottom to top.

The topmost applied patch is prefixed with >. All other applied patches are prefixed with +. Unapplied patches are prefixed with - and hidden patches with !.

The --reverse option may be used to reverse the order in which patches are displayed. The reversed order is more stack-like, with the base of the stack appearing at the bottom of of the display.

Empty patches are prefixed with a * when the --empty option is used.


-b <branch>, --branch=<branch>

Use <branch> instead of current branch

-a,  --all

Select all patches, including hidden patches

-s[=<n>], --short[=<n>]

Select <n> patches around the topmost patch only

-A,  --applied

Select the applied patches only

-U,  --unapplied

Select the unapplied patches only

-H,  --hidden

Select the hidden patches only

-m <branch>, --missing=<branch>

Select patches in <branch> not present in current branch


Display author name for each patch

-c,  --count

Display the number of selected patches and exit

-i[=<length>], --commit-id[=<length>]

Display the commit id for each patch.

The optional length indicates how many prefix characters of the commit id to display. The default is "full", which displays the full commit id, but may alternatively be specified as a positive integer greater than or equal to 4.

-d,  --description

Display short description for each patch

-e,  --empty

Before the +, >, -, and ! prefixes, print a column that contains either 0 (for empty patches) or a space (for non-empty patches).

-P,  --no-prefix

Do not display the patch status prefix

-I,  --indices

Display absolute patch indicies

-O,  --offsets

Display relative offsets from topmost patch or from the stack base if no patches are applied.

-r,  --reverse

Display patches in reverse order.

This causes the stack to be displayed "right-side up". By default, patches are printed in order from bottom to top; i.e. the first patch in the stack is printed first and the last patch is printed last. Thus with the default ordering, the stack is displayed upside down. Reversing the order flips the stack such that the bottom of the stack is spatially at the top of the display, which may be more intuitive.


Display the branch name with the listed patches


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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