stg-series man page

stg-series — Print the patch series


stg series [options] [--] [<patch-range>]


Show all the patches in the series, or just those in the given range, ordered from top to bottom.

The applied patches are prefixed with a + (except the current patch, which is prefixed with a >), the unapplied patches with a -, and the hidden patches with a !.

Empty patches are prefixed with a 0.


-b BRANCH , --branch BRANCH
Use BRANCH instead of the default branch.
-a , --all
Show all patches, including the hidden ones.
-A , --applied
Show the applied patches only.
-U , --unapplied
Show the unapplied patches only.
-H , --hidden
Show the hidden patches only.
-m BRANCH , --missing BRANCH
Show patches in BRANCH missing in current.
-c , --count
Print the number of patches in the series.
-d , --description
Show a short description for each patch.
Show the author name for each patch.
-e , --empty
Before the +, >, -, and ! prefixes, print a column that contains either 0 (for empty patches) or a space (for non-empty patches).
Append the branch name to the listed patches.
Do not show the patch status prefix.
-s , --short
List just the patches around the topmost patch.


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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