stg-pick - Man Page

Import a patch from another branch or a commit object


stg pick [OPTIONS] <source>...
stg pick [OPTIONS] [--name NAME] [--parent COMMITTISH] <source>
stg pick [OPTIONS] --fold [--file PATH]... <source>...
stg pick [OPTIONS] --update <source>...


Import one or more patches from another branch or commit object into the current series.

By default, the imported patch’s name is reused, but may be overridden with the --name option. A commit object can be reverted with the --revert option.

When using the --expose option, the format of the commit message is determined by the stgit.pick.expose-format configuration option. This option is a format string as may be supplied to the --pretty option of git-show(1). The default is "format:%B%n(imported from commit %H)", which appends the commit hash of the picked commit to the patch’s commit message.


-B <branch>, --ref-branch=<branch>

Pick patches from <branch>

-r,  --revert

Revert the given commit object

-x,  --expose

Append the imported commit id to the patch log


Keep the imported patch unapplied

-n <name>, --name=<name>

Use <name> for the patch name

-p <committish>, --parent=<committish>

Use <committish> as parent


Instead of using the current time as the committer date, use the author date of the commit as the committer date.


Fold the commit object into the current patch


Like fold but only update the current patch’s files

-f <path>, --file=<path>

Only fold the given file (may be used multiple times)


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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04/09/2024 StGit 2.4.6 StGit Manual