stg-log - Man Page

Display or optionally clear the stack changelog


stg log [OPTIONS] [--] [patch]...
stg log --clear


Show the history of changes to the stack. If one or more patch names are given, only the changes affecting those patches are shown.

The stg-undo(1) and stg-redo(1) commands may be used to step back and forth through historical stack states. The stg-reset(1) command may be used to reset the stack directly to a historic state.

The --clear option may be used to delete the stack’s change history. Undo and redo are unavailable on a stack without change history. Clearing the stack state history cannot be undone.


-b <branch>, --branch=<branch>

Use <branch> instead of current branch

-d,  --diff

Show stack state diffs

-n <n>, --number=<n>

Limit output to <n> commits

-f,  --full

Show using full commit log format

-g,  --graphical

Run gitk instead of printing to stdout


Clear the stack history


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

Referenced By

stg(1), stg-reset(1).

03/04/2024 StGit 2.4.0 StGit Manual