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stg-init - Man Page

Initialize a StGit stack on a branch


stg init [OPTIONS]


Initialize a StGit stack on a branch.

Initializing a branch with a StGit stack commits initial, empty stack state for the branch to the repository. Theses stack metadata commits are tracked by the refs/stacks/<branch> reference. Updated stack state is committed by each StGit command that modifies the stack. StGit users do not have to do anything with the refs/stacks/<branch> ref directly.

Some StGit commands, such as stg new and stg uncommit, will automatically initialize the stack, so it is often not necessary to explicitly initialize the stack on a branch. Also, branches created with stg branch --create are automatically initialized.

The branch must already exist and point to a commit before initializing a StGit stack.

StGit stack metadata can be deinitialized from a branch using stg branch --cleanup. See stg-branch(1) for more details.


-b <branch>, --branch=<branch>

Use <branch> instead of current branch


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

Referenced By

stg(1), stg-branch(1).

07/07/2024 StGit 2.4.7 StGit Manual