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stg-export - Man Page

Export patches to a directory


stg export [OPTIONS] [patch]...


Export a range of patches to a given directory in unified diff format. All applied patches are exported by default.

Patches are exported to patches-<branch> by default. The --dir option may be used to specify a different output directory.

The patch file output may be customized via a template file found at "$GIT_DIR/patchexport.tmpl", "~/.stgit/templates/patchexport.tmpl", or "$(prefix)/share/stgit/templates". The following variables are supported in the template file:

%(description)s - patch description
%(shortdescr)s  - the first line of the patch description
%(longdescr)s   - the rest of the patch description, after the first line
%(diffstat)s    - the diff statistics
%(authname)s    - author name
%(authemail)s   - author email
%(authdate)s    - patch creation date (ISO-8601 format)
%(commname)s    - committer name
%(commemail)s   - committer email


-b <branch>, --branch=<branch>

Use <branch> instead of current branch

-d <dir>, --dir=<dir>

Export patches to <dir> instead of the default

-p,  --patch

Suffix patch file names with ".patch"

-e <ext>, --extension=<ext>

Suffix patch file names with ".<ext>"

-n,  --numbered

Prefix patch file names with order numbers.

-t <file>, --template=<file>

Use <file> as template

-s,  --stdout

Export to stdout instead of directory

-O <option>, --diff-opt=<option>

Pass additional <option> to git diff.

See the git-diff(1) man page. This option may be specified multiple times.


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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04/09/2024 StGit 2.4.6 StGit Manual