stg-diff - Man Page

Show a diff


stg diff [OPTIONS] [path]...


Show the diff (default) or diffstat between the current working copy or a tree-ish object and another tree-ish object (defaulting to HEAD). File names can also be given to restrict the diff output. The tree-ish object has the format accepted by the stg-id(1) command.


-r <revspec>, --range=<revspec>

Show diff between specified revisions. Revisions ranges are specified as rev1[..[rev2]]. The revisions may be standard Git revision specifiers or patches.

-s, ā€‰--stat

Show the stat instead of the diff

-O <option>, --diff-opt=<option>

Pass additional <option> to git diff.

See the git-diff(1) man page. This option may be specified multiple times.


Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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04/09/2024 StGit 2.4.6 StGit Manual