steadyflow man page

steadyflow ā€” GTK+ download manager


steadyflow [command [args...] [-option1=value1] [-option2=value2]...]


Steadyflow is a GTK+ based download manager that aims for minimalism, ease of use, and a clean, malleable codebase. It should be easy to control, whether from the GUI, command line, or D-Bus.

steadyflow add [url]

Add a file for download. If url is omitted, populates the add dialog with the clipboard content if it is a valid URL.

steadyflow show

Show the main window

steadyflow hide

Hide the main window

steadyflow help

Show the help screen

steadyflow version

Show version information


The author of Steadyflow is Maia Kozheva <>.


Please submit bugs to


May 2011 Steadyflow version 0.1.6 User Commands