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stats-collect-start - Man Page

Command 'start'

Start collecting statistics.

General options


Show this help message and exit.


Be quiet.


Print debugging information.


Name of the host to run the command on.


Name of the user to use for logging into the remote host over SSH. The default user name is 'root'.

-K PRIVKEY, --priv-key PRIVKEY

Path to the private SSH key that should be used for logging into the remote host. By default the key is automatically found from standard paths like '~/.ssh'.


SSH connect timeout in seconds, default is 8.

--cpunum CPUNUM

If the executed command stresses a particular CPU number, you can specify it via this option so that the number is saved in the test result and later the 'stats-collect report' command will take this into account while generating the test report.

--time-limit LIMIT

The time limit for statistics collection, after which the collection will stop if the command 'cmd' (given as a positional argument) has not finished executing.

-o OUTDIR, --outdir OUTDIR

--reportid REPORTID

Any string which may serve as an identifier of this run. By default report ID is the current date, prefixed with the remote host name in case the '-H' option was used: [hostname-]YYYYMMDD. For example, "20150323" is a report ID for a run made on March 23, 2015. The allowed characters are: ACSII alphanumeric, '-', '.', ',', '_', and '~'.

--stats STATS

Comma-separated list of statistics to collect. They are stored in the the "stats" sub-directory of the output directory. By default, only 'turbostat, sysinfo' statistics are collected. Use 'all' to collect all possible statistics. Use ' --stats=""' or '--stats="none"' to disable statistics collection. If you know exactly what statistics you need, specify the comma-separated list of statistics to collect. For example, use 'turbostat,acpower' if you need only turbostat and AC power meter statistics. You can also specify the statistics you do not want to be collected by pre-pending the '!' symbol. For example, 'all,!turbostat' would mean: collect all the statistics supported by the SUT, except for


Print information about the statistics 'stats-collect' can collect and exit.

--stats-intervals STATS_INTERVALS

The intervals for statistics. Statistics collection is based on doing periodic snapshots of data. For example, by default the 'acpower' statistics collector reads SUT power consumption for the last second every second, and 'turbostat' default interval is 5 seconds. Use 'acpower:5,turbostat:10' to increase the intervals to 5 and 10 seconds correspondingly. Use the '--list-stats' to get the default interval values.