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stats-collect-report - Man Page

Command 'report'

Create an HTML report for one or multiple test results.


One or multiple stats-collect test result paths.

General options


Show this help message and exit.


Be quiet.


Print debugging information.

-o OUTDIR, --outdir OUTDIR

Path to the directory to store the report at. By default the report is stored in the 'stats-collect-report-<reportid>' sub-directory of the test result directory. If there are multiple test results, the report is stored in the current directory. The '<reportid>' is report ID of stats-collect test result.

--reportids REPORTIDS

Every input raw result comes with a report ID. This report ID is basically a short name for the test result, and it used in the HTML report to refer to the test result. However, sometimes it is helpful to temporarily override the report IDs just for the HTML report, and this is what the '--reportids' option does. Please, specify a comma-separated list of report IDs for every input raw test result. The first report ID will be used for the first raw rest result, the second report ID will be used for the second raw test result, and so on. Please, refer to the '--reportid' option description in the 'start' command for more information about the report ID.