statgrab - Man Page

sysctl-style interface to system statistics


statgrab [OPTION]... [STAT]...


statgrab provides a sysctl-style interface to all the system statistics available through libstatgrab. This is useful for applications that don't want to make library calls, but still want to access the statistics.

An example of such an application is mrtg, for which scripts are provided to generate configuration files.


The following options are supported.


Linux sysctl-style output (default)


BSD sysctl-style output


MRTG-compatible output


Plain output (only show values)


Display cumulative stats once (default)


Display stat differences repeatedly


Display stat differences once


When repeating, wait DELAY seconds between updates (default 1)


Display CPU usage differences as percentages rather than absolute values


Display floating-point values as integers scaled by FACTOR


Display byte counts in kibibytes


Display byte counts in mebibytes


Display byte counts in gibibytes

If no STAT options are given, all will be displayed. Specify 'STAT.' to display all statistics starting with that prefix.

See Also

statgrab-make-mrtg-config(1) statgrab-make-mrtg-index(1) saidar(1) statgrab(3)


This man page was derived from the man page written by Bartosz Fenski for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.


Referenced By

saidar(1), statgrab-make-mrtg-config(1), statgrab-make-mrtg-index(1).

2019-03-08 libstatgrab