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stap-jupyter - Man Page


stap-jupyter-install — locally install isystemtap

stap-jupyter-container — manage an isystemtap container image


stap-jupyter-install [--remove] [--container-install PREFIX]

stap-jupyter-container [--repo REPOSITORY] [--image IMAGE] [--tag TAG] [--keyname KEYNAME] --{run, pull, build, publish, remove}


ISystemtap is an interactive jupyter interface for the incremental writing and running  of Systemtap scripts.

The stap-jupyter-install program can be used to locally install the ISystemtap jupyter kernel, language-server and jupyter-lab extension in ~/.systemtap/jupyter. Once installed, the kernel can be used with jupyter-lab.

Alternatively the stap-jupyter-container program can be used to run ISystemtap within a container, preventing the need for any local jupyter kernel installation.

Install Options

The following options are supported by stap-jupyter-install. Any other option prints a short help message.


Uninstall the local ISystemtap files.

--container-install PREFIX

[Intended For Maintainers Only] This is used to specify the PREFIX of the install directory for stap. It is called within the container build process, and should not be used otherwise.

Container Options

The following options are supported by stap-jupyter-container. Any other option prints a short help message.


Specify which repository to use, defaults to "quay.io".

--image IMAGE

Specify the image name. Defaults to "systemtap/isystemtap"

--tag TAG

Specify the image tag. Defaults to "latest"

--keyname KEYNAME

In order for the container to run stap it needs to ssh to the host. It requires an ssh key pair, and is specified by KEYNAME, which is by default "id_rsa".

Container Commands

The following commands are recognized by stap-jupyter-container. One of the following is required.


Run the image. Pulls if not done already.


Pulls the image.


Builds a local copy of the image. The repo will be "localhost". See podman images.


Removes the image.


[Intended For Maintainers Only] This is used to publish the built image. It  requires write permissions to https://quay.io/systemtap/isystemtap.

See Also



Use the Bugzilla link of the project web page or our mailing list. http://sourceware.org/systemtap/,<systemtap@sourceware.org>.