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turns stag data into a flat table


  stag-flatten -c name -c person/name dept MyFile.xml


reads in a file in a stag format, and 'flattens' it to a tab-delimited table format. given this data:

    (name "special-operations")
     (name "james-bond"))
     (name "fred"))))

the above command will return a two column table

  special-operations      james-bond
  special-operations      fred

If there are multiple values for the columns within the node, then the cartesian product will be calculated


  stag-flatten [-p PARSER] [-c COLS] [-c COLS] NODE <file>


-p|parser FORMAT

FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext

xml assumed as default

-c|column COL1,COL2,COL3,..

the name of the columns/elements to write out

this can be specified either with multiple -c arguments, or with a comma-seperated (no spaces) list of column (terminal node) names after a single -c


if set, then the output will be a compress repeating values into the same row; each cell in the table will be enclosed by {}, and will contain a comma-delimited set of values

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