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stackcollapse-perf.pl - Man Page

manual page for stackcollapse-perf.pl 1.0


Unknown option: help USAGE: ./stackcollapse-perf.pl [options] infile > outfile


# include PID with process names [1]


# include TID and PID with process names [1]


# un-inline using addr2line


# all annotations (--kernel --jit)


# annotate kernel functions with a _[k]


# annotate jit functions with a _[j]


# adds source context to --inline


# parses output of 'perf script -F+srcline' and adds source context


# include raw addresses where symbols can't be found


# event name filter

[1] perf script must emit both PID and TIDs for these to work; eg, Linux < 4.1

perf script -f comm,pid,tid,cpu,time,event,ip,sym,dso,trace

for Linux >= 4.1:

perf script -F comm,pid,tid,cpu,time,event,ip,sym,dso,trace

If you save this output add --header on Linux >= 3.14 to include perf info.


April 2024 stackcollapse-perf.pl 1.0