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st-util - Man Page

Run GDB server to interact with STM32 device

Examples (TL;DR)


st-util [<ARGS>...]


Start a GDB server to interact with a STM32 device Run the main binary of the local package (src/main.rs).

If a port number is not specified using the –listen_port option, the default 4242 port will be used.

Stlink version 2 is used by default unless the option –stlinkv1 is given.


-h,  --help

Print this message.


Print version information

-v XX, --verbose=XX

Specify a specific verbosity level (0..99)

-v,  --verbose

Specify generally verbose logging

-s X, --stlink_version=X

Choose what version of stlink to use, (defaults to 2)

-1,  --stlinkv1

Force stlink version 1

-p 4242, --listen_port=1234

Set the gdb server listen port. (default port: 4242)

-m,  --multi

Set gdb server to extended mode. st-util will continue listening for connections after disconnect.

-n,  --no-reset

Do not reset board on connection.


Enable ARM Semihosting output on stdout


Run GDB server on port 4500 and connect to it

$ st-util -p 4500
$ gdb
(gdb) target extended-remote localhost:4500

See Also

st-flash(1), st-info(1)

Referenced By

st-flash(1), st-info(1).

Feb 2018 Open Source STMicroelectronics Stlink Tools