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sss_ssh_knownhosts - Man Page

get OpenSSH known hosts public keys


sss_ssh_knownhosts [options] HOST


sss_ssh_knownhosts acquires SSH public keys for host HOST and outputs them in OpenSSH known_hosts key format (see the “SSH_KNOWN_HOSTS FILE FORMAT” section of sshd(8) for more information).

ssh(1) can be configured to use sss_ssh_knownhosts for public key host authentication using the “KnownHostsCommand” option:

              KnownHostsCommand /usr/bin/sss_ssh_knownhosts %H

Please refer to the ssh_config(5) man page for more details about this option.


-d,--domain DOMAIN

Search for host public keys in SSSD domain DOMAIN.


Display help message and exit.

Exit Status

In case of successful execution, even if no key was found, 0 is returned. 1 is returned in case of error.

See Also

sssd(8), sssd.conf(5), sssd-ldap(5), sssd-ldap-attributes(5), sssd-krb5(5), sssd-simple(5), sssd-ipa(5), sssd-ad(5), sssd-sudo(5), sssd-session-recording(5), sss_cache(8), sss_debuglevel(8), sss_obfuscate(8), sss_seed(8), sssd_krb5_locator_plugin(8), sssd-ifp(5), pam_sss(8). sss_rpcidmapd(5) sssd-systemtap(5)


The SSSD upstream - https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/


06/07/2024 SSSD Manual pages