ssf2xml - Man Page

BioWare SSF to XML converter


ssf2xml[options] input_file [output_file]


ssf2xml converts BioWare's SSF files into human-readable XML. SSF are “sound sets”, a list of voice lines uttered at certain situations, like attacking, getting hurt or picking a lock. Each line consists of an ID (denoting the position of the line within the SSF file), an optional StrRef (refering a textual line in a talk table) and an optional filename (which is the sound file to play). Additionally, each line may have a label attached which shows what the purpose of this line is. This label is purely for the benefit of the user reading the XML file and is not actually stored within the SSF.

SSF files are used in Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II. However, the version of the format used in the latter two do not store any sound filenames, only StrRefs.



Show a help text and exit.


Show version information and exit.


The SSF file to convert.


The XML file will be written there. If no output file is specified, the XML data is written to stdout. The encoding of the XML stream is always UTF-8.


Convert the SSF file1.ssf into an XML file:

$ ssf2xml file1.ssf file2.xml

Convert the SSF file1.ssf into an XML file on stdout:

$ ssf2xml file1.ssf

See Also

gff2xml(1), tlk2xml(1), xml2ssf(1)

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This program is part of the xoreos-tools package, which in turn is part of the xoreos project, and was written by the xoreos team. Please see the AUTHORS file for details.

Referenced By

gff2xml(1), tlk2xml(1), xml2ssf(1).

April 15, 2016