ssdiff man page

ssdiff — compare two spreadsheets


ssdiff [Options] OLDFILE NEWFILE


This manual page briefly documents the ssdiff command.

ssdiff is a command line utility to compare two spreadsheets and list their differences


This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with single letter options starting with a single dash (`-') and longer options starting with two dashes (`--').

Output options

-x, --xml
Display differences in xml format

Help options

-V, --version
Display ssdiff's version
-?, --help
Display the supported options


To compare an old version of a file with a newer file, run:

ssdiff old.gnumeric new.gnumeric


ssdiff is licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL), version 2 or 3. For information on this license look at the source code that came with the software or see the GNU project page.


ssdiff's primary author is Morten Welinder <terra@gnome.org>; ssdiff builds on the gnumeric codebase.

See Also

gnumeric(1), ssconvert(1), ssindex(1) ssgrep(1)

The Gnumeric Homepage.

The GNOME project page.

Referenced By

gnumeric(1), ssconvert(1), ssgrep(1), ssindex(1).

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