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      srtm2sdf  -  Generate  SPLAT Data Files (SDFs) from 3-arc second STS-99
      Space Shuttle Topography Mission (SRTM-3) elevation data files.

      [1msrtm2sdf [22m[options] file

      [1msrtm2sdf [22mis a utility that generates SPLAT Data Files (SDFs) from 3-arc
      second  STS-99 Space Shuttle Topography Mission (SRTM-3) elevation data
      files. This data is of a much higher quality  than  that  contained  in
      older  USGS  Digital  Elevation Models of the same resolution. However,
      many SRTM-3 Version 2 elevation models contain data "voids" and "wells"
      that are the consequence of the radar mapping process.

      The  srtm2sdf  utility  has the ability to detect and replace SRTM data
      outliers with equivalent SDF data created through the usgs2sdf  utility
      (below). If equivalent USGS-derived SPLAT Data Files are not available,
      SRTM outliers are handled either through adjacent pixel  averaging,  or
      by  threshold  limiting using user-specified limits. Of all three meth-
      ods, the USGS-derived SDF replacement method yields the best results.

      The srtm2sdf utility accepts command-line options as follows:

      -d     used to specify the directory path to the location  of  existing
             SDF  files  The -d option overridesthe default path specified in
             your $HOME/.splat_path file.

      -n     used to specify the elevation (in meters) below which SRTM  data
             is  replaced.  Below  this  limit, SRTM elevation data is either
             replaced using existing SDF equivalent files, or averaged  among
             adjacent  elevation  data  points. The default threshold for the
             replacement limit is sea-level (0  meters).   Unless  elevations
             below  sea-level  are  known  to exist for the region being pro-
             cessed by the srtm2sdf utility, the -n option need not be speci-

      srtm2sdf  N40W074.hgt

      srtm2sdf -d /cdrom/sdf N40W074.hgt

      srtm2sdf -d /dev/null N40W074.hgt

      srtm2sdf -n -5 N40W074.hgt


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