srp.1ssl - Man Page

maintain SRP password file


openssl srp [-help] [-verbose] [-add] [-modify] [-delete] [-list] [-name section] [-config file] [-srpvfile file] [-gn identifier] [-userinfo text...] [-passin arg] [-passout arg] [user...]


The srp command is user to maintain an SRP (secure remote password) file. At most one of the -add, -modify, -delete, and -list options can be specified. These options take zero or more usernames as parameters and perform the appropriate operation on the SRP file. For -list, if no user is given then all users are displayed.

The configuration file to use, and the section within the file, can be specified with the -config and -name flags, respectively. If the config file is not specified, the -srpvfile can be used to just specify the file to operate on.

The -userinfo option specifies additional information to add when adding or modifying a user.

The -gn flag specifies the g and N values, using one of the strengths defined in IETF RFC 5054.

The -passin and -passout arguments are parsed as described in the openssl(1) command.



Display an option summary.


Generate verbose output while processing.

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The man page openssl-srp.1ssl(1) is an alias of srp.1ssl(1).

2021-03-26 1.1.1k OpenSSL