srmsync - Man Page

download for SRM PowerControl


srmsync [options] path


srmsync implements the serial protocols for SRM's PowerControl V, VI and 7. It allows you to download data from the PC attached to the serial device at path.

Data is stored in a srmwin compatible file store. If possible only data not known to the srmwin file store is downloaded.


Options available for the srmsync command:

-a,  --all

Try to download data "deleted" on the PCV. (PCVI and PC7 don't seem to support getting "deleted" data).

-b,  --baud=rate

Use specified baudrate, only. By default all supported baudrates are probed. PCV factory setting is 9600 baud. PCVI and PV7 always use 38400.

-d,  --dup

download/save data known to srmwin store, as well.

-f,  --ftdi

use ftdi serial driver and open device by the given description.

-h,  --help

A brief message.

-p,  --pc=type

Type of PowerControl protocol to use. Supported are PowerControl 5, 6, and 7. Default is "5".

-s,  --split=seconds

Split data on gaps of specified minimum length. Time is given as 10*seconds (see --recint for srmcmd).

-S,  --store=dir

Path for your srmwin file store. That's where the _name.SRM folders are in.

-v,  --verbose

Enable verbose status messages.

-V,  --version

show srmsync version number and exit.

-w,  --write=destination

Write data retrieved from to specified wkt file before splitting.


srmsync -S ~/srmwin /dev/ttyUSB0 # linux
srmsync -S ~/srmwin -p 7 /dev/ttyUSB0 # linux, PowerControl 7

See Also

This is just a very simplistic frontend for the lib. Please check the source distribution for details.


Yes. For sure. Just keep in mind, that protocol and file formats are reverse engineered...


Rainer Clasen


9 Mar 2011 SRM access tool Version 0.1.1~git1