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sqlt-dumper - Man Page

create a dumper script from a schema


  sqlt-dumper -d Oracle [options] schema.sql > dumper.pl

  ./dumper.pl > data.sql


    -h|--help         Show help and exit
    --skip=t1[,t2]    Skip tables in comma-separated list
    --skiplike=regex  Skip tables matching the regular expression
    -u|--user         Database username
    -p|--password     Database password
    --dsn             DSN for DBI


This script uses SQL::Translator to parse the SQL schema and create a Perl script that can connect to the database and dump the data as INSERT statements (a la mysqldump) or MySQL's LOAD FILE syntax.  You may specify tables to "skip" (also using a "skiplike" regular expression) and the generated dumper script will not have those tables.  However, these will also be options in the generated dumper, so you can wait to specify these options when you dump your database.  The database username, password, and DSN can be hardcoded into the generated script, or part of the DSN can be intuited from the "database" argument.


Ken Youens-Clark <kclark@cpan.org>.

See Also

perl, SQL::Translator, SQL::Translator::Producer::Dumper.


2024-01-24 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation