sqlt-diff-old man page

sqlt-diff — find the differences b/w two schemas


For help:

sqlt-diff -h|--help

For a list of all valid parsers:

sqlt -l|--list

To diff two schemas:

sqlt-diff [options] file_name1=parser file_name2=parser


-d|--debug   Show debugging info


sqlt-diff is a utility for creating a file of SQL commands necessary to transform the first schema provided to the second. While not yet exhaustive in its ability to mutate the entire schema, it will report the following

New tables

Using the Producer class of the target (second) schema, any tables missing in the first schema will be generated in their entirety (fields, constraints, indices).

Missing/altered fields

Any fields missing or altered between the two schemas will be reported as:

ALTER TABLE <table_name>
  [DROP <field_name>]
  [CHANGE <field_name> <datatype> (<size>)] ;

Missing/altered indices

Any indices missing or of a different type or on different fields will be indicated. Indices that should be dropped will be reported as such:

DROP INDEX <index_name> ON <table_name> ;

An index of a different type or on different fields will be reported as a new index as such:

CREATE [<index_type>] INDEX [<index_name>] ON <table_name>
  ( <field_name>[,<field_name>] ) ;

"ALTER/DROP TABLE" and "CREATE INDEX" statements are not generated by the Producer, unfortunately, and may require massaging before being passed to your target database.


Ken Youens-Clark <kclark@cpan.org>.

See Also

SQL::Translator, <http://sqlfairy.sourceforge.net>.


2016-05-16 perl v5.24.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation