sqlsh man page

sqlsh — SQL shell


sqlsh -d DBI:Oracle:DEVDB -u scott -p tiger


sqlsh is an interactive shell run from the command-line for working with databases. This is a terse summary for quick reference. For a full description see SQL::Shell::Manual. For a list of commands, type:


at the prompt after running sqlsh. If you pass a username with -u and don't pass a password with -p, sqlsh will prompt you for a password. You can pass a blank password with -p if required (-p followed by nothing).


-d <DSN>
-u <username>
-p <password>
-i - read list of commands from STDIN
-q - quiet (no banner)
-H - help

Commands Added by Sqlsh

cat|more|less <file> - display file
help|? - show this
reload - reload the shell
exit|quit|bye|\w+ off - quit the shell

Readline Mode

This script uses Term::Readline. Term::Readline sets the editing mode (vi/emacs) based on the user's .inputrc, or the $EDITOR environment variable.

This script will set $EDITOR based on $PERL_READLINE_MODE or bash's $SHELLOPTS variable. Any .inputrc "editing-mode" declaration still takes precedence.


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