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sq-sign - Man Page

Sign messages or data files


sq sign [Options] FILE


Sign messages or data files.

Creates signed messages or detached signatures.  Detached signatures are often used to sign software packages.

The converse operation is `sq verify`.

`sq sign` respects the reference time set by the top-level `--time` argument.  When set, it uses the specified time instead of the current time, when determining what keys are valid, and it sets the signature's creation time to the reference time instead of the current time.


Subcommand options

-B, --binary

Emit binary data

-a, --append

Append a signature to existing signature


Create a cleartext signature


Create a detached signature


Merge signatures from the input and SIGNED-MESSAGE

-n, --notarize

Sign a message and all existing signatures

--notation NAME VALUE

Add a notation to the certification.  A user-defined notation's name must be of the form `name@a.domain.you.control.org`. If the notation's name starts with a `!`, then the notation is marked as being critical.  If a consumer of a signature doesn't understand a critical notation, then it will ignore the signature.  The notation is marked as being human readable.

-o, --output=FILE

Write to FILE or stdout if omitted

[default: -]


Sign the message using the key in KEY_FILE


Sign the message using the specified key on the key store


Read from FILE or stdin if FILE is '-'

[default: -]

Global options

See sq(1) for a description of the global options.


Create a signed message

    sq sign --signer-file juliet.pgp message.txt

Create a detached signature

    sq sign --detached --signer-file juliet.pgp message.txt

Create a signature with the specified creation time

    sq sign --time 20020304 --detached --signer-file juliet.pgp \

See Also


For the full documentation see <https://book.sequoia-pgp.org>.


0.37.0 (sequoia-openpgp 1.21.1)

Referenced By


0.37.0 Sequoia PGP