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sq-network-dane-generate - Man Page

Generate DANE records for the given domain and certs


sq network dane generate [Options] FQDN CERT-RING


Generate DANE records for the given domain and certs.

The certificates are minimized, and one record per email address is emitted.  If multiple user IDs map to one email address, then all matching user IDs are included in the emitted certificates.

By default, OPENPGPKEY resource records are emitted.  If your DNS server doesn't understand those, use `--generic` to emit generic records instead.


Subcommand options


Emit generic resource records [default: OPENPGPKEY records]

-s, --skip

Skip expired certificates and those that do not have User IDs for given domain.


Try to shrink the certificates to this size

[default: 12288]


Set the TTL (maximum cache duration) of the resource records

[default: 10800]


Generate DANE records for this domain name


Emit records for certificates from CERT-RING (or stdin if omitted)

[default: -]

Global options

See sq(1) for a description of the global options.


Generate DANE records from certs.pgp for example.com.

    sq dane generate example.com certs.pgp

See Also

sq(1), sq-network(1), sq-network-dane(1).

For the full documentation see <https://book.sequoia-pgp.org>.


0.37.0 (sequoia-openpgp 1.21.1)

Referenced By


0.37.0 Sequoia PGP