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sq-key-expire - Man Page

Change expiration times


sq key expire [Options] EXPIRY FILE


Change expiration times.

Keys and their individual subkeys can expire.  This subcommand changes or clears the expiration times.

By default, the expiration time of the entire key is changed.  To change the expiration of only some of the subkeys, use the `--subkey` option.


Subcommand options

-B, --binary

Emit binary data

-o, --output=FILE

Write to FILE or stdout if omitted


Change expiration of this subkey, not the entire key


Define EXPIRY for the key as ISO 8601 formatted string or custom duration. If an ISO 8601 formatted string is provided, the validity period reaches from the reference time (may be set using `--time`) to the provided time. Custom durations starting from the reference time may be set using `N[ymwds]`, for N years, months, weeks, days, or seconds. The special keyword `never` sets an unlimited expiry.


Read from FILE or stdin if omitted

[default: -]

Global options

See sq(1) for a description of the global options.


Make Alice's key expire in a year.

    sq key expire 1y alice-secret.pgp

Make Alice's key never expire.

    sq key expire never alice-secret.pgp

Make Bob's authentication subkey expire in six months.

    sq key expire 6m --subkey 6AEACDD24F896624 bob-secret.pgp

See Also

sq(1), sq-key(1).

For the full documentation see <https://book.sequoia-pgp.org>.


0.35.0 (sequoia-openpgp 1.20.0)

Referenced By


0.35.0 Sequoia PGP