spmvtest5 - Man Page

SpMV kernel benchmark for specified matrix storage format


spmvtest5 matrix_filename matrix_type iter [block]


This program inputs the matrix data from matrix_filename and compute  the multiply of the matrix with matrix_type and a vector (1, ..., 1)^T.  The FLOPS performance is measured as the average of iter iterations.  The Matrix Market format is supported for matrix_filename. If necessary, the block size of the BSR and BSC formats can be specified  by block. See Lis User Guide for more information.

Exit Status

The following exit values are returned:


The process is normally terminated


An error occurred

See Also

lis(3), lsolve(1), esolve(1), hpcg_kernel(1), hpcg_spmvtest(1), spmvtest1(1), spmvtest2(1), spmvtest2b(1), spmvtest3(1), spmvtest3b(1), spmvtest4(1)


Referenced By

esolve(1), esolver(1), gesolve(1), gesolver(1), hpcg_kernel(1), hpcg_spmvtest(1), lis(3), lsolve(1), spmvtest1(1), spmvtest2(1), spmvtest2b(1), spmvtest3(1), spmvtest3b(1), spmvtest4(1).

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