spine - Man Page

Data Collector for Cacti


spine [options] [[firstid lastid] || [-H/--hostlist='hostid1,hostid2,...,hostidn']]


SPINE 1.2.23  Copyright 2004-2021 by The Cacti Group



Show this brief help listing


Start polling with host id X


End polling with host id X


Poll the list of host ids, separated by comma's


Set the poller id to X


Read spine configuration from file F


Override DB settings 'set' with value 'V'


Refresh the device System Mib data


For remote pollers, the operating mode. Options include: online, offline, recovery. The default is 'online'.


Spine will not write output to the DB


Logging is performed to standard output


Set logging verbosity to <V>

Either both of --first/--last must be provided, a valid hostlist must be provided. In their absence, all hosts are processed.

Without the --conf parameter, spine searches for its spine.conf file in the usual places.

Verbosity is one of NONE/LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH/DEBUG or 1..5

Runtime options are read from the 'settings' table in the Cacti database, but they can be overridden with the --option=S:V parameter.

Spine is distributed under the Terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1. (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.txt) For more information, see http://www.cacti.net


January 2023 SPINE 1.2.23 Copyright 2004-2021 by The Cacti Group