sphinxygen - Man Page

generate Sphinx ReST from Doxygen XML


sphinxygen[-hf] [-l lang] [--language lang] index_xml output_dir


sphinxygen is a script that reads an XML description of a C API extracted by Doxygen, and outputs Sphinx markup that describes the API. The index_xml argument must be the path to a index.xml file in a directory generated by Doxygen. The output will be written as several ReST files in output_dir, typically one for each documentation group.

The options are as follows:

-f, --force

For overwriting of any output files that already exist.

-h, --help

Print the command line options and exit.

-l lang, --language lang

Sphinx domain to use. Only the “c” domain is currently well supported.

-V, --version

Print the version and exit.

Exit Status

sphinxygen exits with a status of 0, or non-zero if an error occurred.

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sphinxygen was written by David Robillard d@drobilla.net.


February 27, 2023