sphinx_cont_seg - Man Page

Segment a waveform file into non-silence regions


sphinx_cont_seg [ options ]...


This program reads an input file and segments it into individual non-silence regions. It can process either file or read data from microphone. Use following arguments:


of audio device to use for input.


Preemphasis parameter


file giving extra arguments.


Add 1/2-bit noise


Use double bandwidth filters (same center freq)


Frame rate


of audio file to use for input.


Endianness of input data, big or little, ignored if NIST or MS Wav


Length of sin-curve for liftering, or 0 for no liftering.


Write out logspectral files instead of cepstra


Lower edge of filters


Number of cep coefficients


Size of FFT


Number of filter banks


Remove DC offset from each frame


Remove noise with spectral subtraction in mel-energies


Enables VAD, removes silence frames from processing


Round mel filter frequencies to DFT points


Sampling rate


Seed for random number generator; if less than zero, pick our own


a single cleaned file.


Write out cepstral-smoothed logspectral files


Which type of transform to use to calculate cepstra (legacy, dct, or htk)


Normalize mel filters to unit area


Upper edge of filters


Num of silence frames to keep after from speech to silence.


Num of speech frames to keep before silence to speech.


Num of speech frames to trigger vad from silence to speech.


Threshold for decision between noise and silence frames. Log-ratio between signal level and noise level.


Show input filenames


defining the warping function


Warping function type (or shape)


Hamming window length


Written by M. K. Ravishankar <rkm@cs.cmu.edu>.  This (rather lousy) manual page by David Huggins-Daines <dhuggins@cs.cmu.edu>